**If your RZR has a factory center hood decal, remove before applying the carbon fiber decal.**

**Clean the hood area thoroughly with a lint free cloth**

**Wet application is highly recommended so you are able to slide the decal around for correct alignment**

Wet Method

  1. Clean the area where the sticker is going to be applied
  2. Soak the location where the decal is going to be applied with a mild soapy water solution from a spray bottle.
  3. Apply sticker to the area and slide it around until it is centered
  4. Force any air bubbles and excess water to the outside edges of the decal using a squeegee/credit card.
  5.  Allow the decal to fully dry before touching it or driving vehicle (You can speed up adhesion by light heat from a hair dryer)


– Take precaution when washing the vehicle with a power washer or high pressure hose. Do not spray in the area of the decal, it could cause the decal to peel up.