(Recommended installation weather is to be above 50 degrees and not to be in direct sun light.)
 1. Thoroughly clean emblem surface with soapy water.  Followed up by rubbing alcohol with a lint free cloth
2.  Carefully remove vinyl from white backing paper.
3. Hold the vinyl up to the emblem without making contact with it. Ensure that you have the sheet centered with enough excess on all sides of the emblem
4. Once satisfied with alignment, start applying the emblem from the center to the outside. It is important to take your time with this part, lifting and reapplying the vinyl if there are any large air bubbles. (A credit card can be used as a squeegee when applying the vinyl.
5.  For the Camaro grill emblems that have a crease in the middle of the bowtie, it may be necessary to pull and stretch the vinyl out from the center of the emblem. This will help avoid wrinkle marks.
6. Once the vinyl is applied, work the vinyl into all corners of the emblem. This should give you a clean outline of the bowtie emblem.
7. Carefully follow the outline of the emblem with an x-acto knife or razor blade. Remove excess vinyl from the outside of the emblem.
8. If bubbles exist and do not dissipate within a couple of days, they can be popped with a needle/pin
–Please let us know if you have any questions or issues installing the overlay–